#1 Business Blogging Book!

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Early returns are in and there’s a few hanging chads… but:
#1 in Weblogs
#2 in Marketing (dern that Malcolm Gladwell!)
#2 in Computers/Internet
#14 in Business/Investing
And how about overall rank? Well that’s a funny story. The highest rank we had for the whole day was #64. BUT all the Amazon rankings seemed to freeze at 10pm CST last night and there’s no new data. Today’s ‘Yesterday’ rank is the same that it was for yesterday’s ‘Yesterday’. Maybe once they refresh, today’s ‘Yesterday’ will tell us the final. Oh, Amazon rankings aren’t hourly either – more like 1.5 hours-ly or bi-hourly (is that a word?).
Anyway – HUGE HUGE HUGE big-ass excitement! I’ll be posting more detailed statistics later on.

5 thoughts on “#1 Business Blogging Book!

  1. SportsLizard

    Congrats Andy. Now you can say that you literally wrote the book on blogging! It’s unbelievable how fast your book has climbed the charts. Best of luck to you. I’ll def be ordering a copy.


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