You’re No Meryl Streep

It really isn’t that hard.
That next step.
You know: the one that you are delaying.
Making a phone call. Answering an email. Taking out the five bags of trash you have in the kitchen.
A small step towards something big. Ger.
Stop thrashing about. Gnashing your teeth. Letting your hair flail about like Jennifer Love Hewitt with your long sleeves pulled over your hands. Or is it Neve Campbell? Probably both. Anyway:
You’re no Meryl Streep.
Okay – maybe the dingo did eat-chore bay-bay. But really.
This isn’t Sophie’s Choice. It isn’t even Color Purple. Or Joy Luck Club.
It’s your daily work-a-day life with the smaller mundane minutiae that leads to something bigger.
Suffering is optional – but sometimes we need to cast ourselves in a mini-drama to expire into action.
Oh you can still whine. Far be it from me to deny you your whining (I come from a long line of whiners).
But whine and do it anyway.
You know that ‘fake it ’til you make it’ thingy? Feel the fear and do it anyway?
Whine and do it anyway.
Tell yourself Okay! Dammit! I’ll do it! GAH!
Every journey begins with a single whine. And we will serve no whine before its time.
I find I’m driven by dis-satisfaction – but need to remember that also means dis-satisfaction with myself. Sometimes I get so obstreporous with myself I just have to do something.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go take out the trash. There’s like five bags in the kitchen.






3 responses to “You’re No Meryl Streep”

  1. Kristie Tamsevicius Avatar

    You got it Andy. They say nothing happens until something happens. It’s true. Just because you have a website, have attended the latest seminars, and have a book shelf of the top business books doesn’t mean you are a success. It’s really about taking those little baby steps that lead us in the direction of our dreams.
    As far as the trash goes, you can always get someone ELSE to take it out. *grin*

  2. Rick Cooper, The PDA Pro Avatar

    Get to it already…

    In his comical post, You’re no Meryl Streep, Blogging Evangelist Andy Wibbels exhorts us to take the next step and do the one thing we are delaying. He rants,Suffering is optional – but sometimes we need to cast ourselves in…

  3. Cristina Favreau Avatar

    “Whine and do it anyway.”
    I love this post. It’s what I coach tire-kicker clients to do (or those who come up with all the excuses in the world not to do what they know needs to get done to get to the next level). But I’m not as patient or as persistent as you, Andy… I usually can’t be bothered with whiners. I have something to learn from your “tough love” approach!!

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