Travelers Insurance Rabbit’s Foot Commercial






8 responses to “Travelers Insurance Rabbit’s Foot Commercial”

  1. Jane Garnett Avatar
    Jane Garnett

    Travelers can’t be too smart. The lucky rabbit’s foot comes from the left HIND foot, not the front foot. Everyone knows that!!!!

  2. Jane Avatar

    I find this commercial very offensive. What’s amputated rabbit’s feet got to do with your insurance?? It commercail seems cruel to animals.

  3. Andy Wibbels Avatar

    The commercial isn’t cruel to animals because no animals were harmed while making it. Did you watch it?

  4. Emily Avatar

    Carrying an amputated rabbit’s foot on your keychain is not cruelty to animals? I love this commercial – makes sense to me.

  5. Andrea Avatar

    I am an animal lover who HATES cruelty against animals…..AND I freek’n LOVE this commercial! Can’t we just dream of the day when we actually can make it up to all the critters for generations of poor behavior on the part of the human race? I think it’s great that they all have colorful feet too!
    I don’t quite get how it applies to insurance either though…

  6. traci Avatar

    As an owner of two adorable bunnies, this commercial made me smile and feel happy all the way down to my toes. Wouldn’t it be wonderful see this process actually occurring? I don’t find this commercial cruel or offensive at all, but rather supportive in raising awareness about a once popular fad that involved using the foot of a rabbit as a good luck charm. I think the rabbits feel much more lucky with their feet still attached!

  7. Chris Avatar

    Jane is simply a dumb-ass with no sense of humor. Also just to get under Jane’s skin for being such a panzy… I eat rabbits….
    Yet, I also have a bunny pet with a multi-level cage, two bedding areas, a tunnel, a litter box (yes, you can train them), fresh parsley and homemade treats daily and he is very happy when I pet him behind the ears. His name is Prince Charming.
    He was originally called Cinderella; however, when we took him to the vet we found out this was the wrong name.
    Apparently, rabbits have really tiny boy tools and their balls are closer to their tummies. We now know they are tiny weenied creatures due to the vetinarian looking for the little dingy with a jewler’s loop.
    HA HA HA HA HA!!!!
    *I feel somewhat happy for completely wasting 5 minutes of my life to write on this topic. Isn’t the Internet grand!?!? NOW, go be productive or something…

  8. Alissa Avatar

    The point of the commercial is you don’t need luck if you have good insurance. I think its brilliant.

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