Seth Godin’s New Ebook: Flipping the Funnel

Seth is back with his latest ebook, Flipping the Funnel. He tosses Web 2.0 in with his Purple Cow and Ideavirus idears and busts out a take on the current state of talking with (not at) your customers.

Turn strangers into friends. Friends into customers. And then do the most important job… turn customers into salespeople.

Anyone who runs an affiliate program or does work with the MLM folks knows this to be true. No one can sell like a satisfied customer or a rabid fan.
This blends in with Intelliseek’s work a few years ago and the idea that blogs give us ‘word of mouth’ that we can track since it is archived, searchable, indexed and interlinked.






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    More Flipping the Funnel

    I get the feeling Web 2.0 is going to be very good for Network Marketing. The information age is weeding out the snakes (see Quixtar’s current lack of growth in the U.S.) and replacing them with real people. Blogging Evangelist

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