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Get instant access to all of my courses for a super-duper deal: 50% OFF. This is the absolute best deal for all of my courses and products. That's two live teleseminar series (11 calls) + four self-study courses (hours of audio, pages of transcripts, tons of notes) + 2 books (one an ebook, one in print). And: lifetime, anytime, anywhere, always-on registration in future runs of these courses.

The Only Integrated, Comprehensive Blogging Curriculum.

Why Clients Love My Seminars:

"I had heard about Andy Wibbels from everyone around me... Andy this, Andy that. They were bragging about Andy's class... They were raving about Andy's book. Finally, enough was enough! I had to find out if all the (good) rumors were true. But they weren't. They UNDERSOLD HIM by a mile! <smile> I am one of those people that, if I can learn it myself, I will, but if I can't, I will go to the Master in that field and pay him his due to get his information. Andy Wibbels has definitely earned his reputation. Personally, I thought I got my money's worth from the first session alone! Yet it kept getting better with every class. " - Podcasting diva Penny Haynes of

Here's what you get with your season pass:

Complete Schedule, Syllabus and Curriculum

Live Teleseminar Series #1: Business Blog Basics

Blogging is all the rage these days. Just take a look around: businesses of all sizes have joined the blogosphere by the bazillions. They're seeking to connect with customers, increase their credibility - and grow their businesses, of course. Bottom line: Everybody who is anybody in business is blogging. Shouldn't you?

Wednesday Jan 17 @ 3pm EST: Overview of Blogs and How They Work - RECORDED AND READY FOR DOWNLOAD!

In this first section, we'll give you a complete sketch of blogs, including:

Wednesday Jan 24 @ 3pm EST: Blogs in Action RECORDED AND READY FOR DOWNLOAD!

In this part of the course, we'll explore the aspects of successful blogs and things to consider when blogging for business, including:

Wednesday Jan 31 @ 3pm EST: Deciding to Blog - Your Next Steps RECORDED AND READY FOR DOWNLOAD!

In this final section, we will look at how to set up a blog and explore the
decisions that need to be made, including:


Live Teleseminar Series #2: Easy Bake Weblogs

Go from talking to typing and create your first blog with the popular blog platform TypePad. The "must-know" basics about blogging…so you can start in 15 minutes or less. The easy-as-pie process of updating your blog so you can share your knowledge and expertise instantly. Plus, many more juicy lessons that will help you become a blogging expert overnight!

Wednesday February 7 @ 8pm EST: Getting Started With TypePad

In this first section, you will get a complete overview of Blogging 101, including:

Wednesday February 14 @ 8pm EST: How to Design and Add Content to your Blog

In this next part, we'll look at how you actually build and design your blog, including:

Wednesday February 21 @ 8pm EST: Beyond Post - Adding Additional Features to your Blog

After you learn how to create a post, we'll explore the other elements of a blog, including:

Wednesday February 28 @ 8pm EST: Wrapping Up: How to Promote Your Blog

In this final section, you will learn how to promote your blog, including:

Live Teleseminar Series #3: Keywords Essentials

What if you could target your niche as easily as you aim a spray bottle? With keyword research, you are able to read the minds of your customers - what they need, what do they search for and most importantly what the heck are they typing into that little search box! Cut through the crap and fuss with a four-part course on keyword research and search engine strategy.

Wednesday March 7 @ 8pm EST: Introduction to Keywords

Wednesday March 14 @ 8pm EST: Get Your Hands Dirty

Wednesday March 21 @ 8pm EST: Test, Measure, Re-Test

Wednesday March 28 @ 8pm EST: Going Forward

What if I miss a call?

All classes are recorded and audio archives are made available soon after the class. Stream the class, download it, even toss it onto your iPod for on-the-go learning. I've had many participants take courses and never make it to a live call either because of their schedule or time zone.

More Raves:

"I so loved your classes... You're an attentive, light, knowledgeable teacher. Keep up the great work!" - Business coach Rose Hill of

"This is a full course buffet that I'm just starting to savor! I thoroughly enjoyed your teaching (live and audio) and I'm learning lots from the e-campus which you've jammed with lots and lots of info to help me thru... Good luck and keep up the great works!" - Relationships expert Barb Elgin of

Self-Study Course #1: Six Figure Blogging

The original is still the best! A complete blueprint for blogging success from choosing a niche to maximizing ad sales to building a complete network of blogs. Archived recordings of 6 info-packed expert calls that reveal the top strategies for building blogging success. Tons of resources, tools, service providers and links to ensure your success. Access to annotated recording transcripts and notes so you can guarantee your learning and success.

Part 1: Quick Review and Getting Started

Part 2: Choosing a niche

Part 3 : Mastering Google AdSense

Part 4: Affiliate Programs

Part 5: Metrics and Content

Part 6: Above and Beyond

Self-Study Course #2: Podcasting Bootcamp

There's a ton of hype about podcasting. But what is the opportunity for businesses? How do you leverage a podcast for maximum exposure?

Part 1: Podcasting Basics

Part 2: Record and Publish

Part 3: Publicize and Monetize

Part 4: Above and Beyond

Self-Study Course #3: RSS Essentials

Automate your web surfing, spam-proof your newsletter and spy on your competition, all with the power of RSS news feeds.

You will learn

Ebook: Learning WordPress: From Wow-to-Cash-Cow!

Complete instructions and tutorials on how to download and install WordPress, the totally free, super-popular blogging platform. You are among the first to get your hands on this honey-sweet bloggy goodness. 88 page, downloadable ebook in PDF format.

Print Book: Blogwild! A Guide for Small Business Blogging

Now in its second edition! Purchase now and get a copy of my book Blogwild! A Guide for Small Business Blogging. This book is a complete quickstart guide to getting your first blog up and running and how you can start blogging for your business immediately. A fantastic companion to this entire package. Featured in Wall Street Journal, USA Today, BusinessWeek and Entrepreneur magazine.

You know I can't just stop there. You also can count on anytime, anywhere, always-on access to this course:

Access to the Content. Forever.

You have lifetime access to the course materials. Miss a class? Download the audio. Can't find the notes you saved to the laptop? Grab the PDF online. If I ever take the content offline I have to offer you a CD of the archived content.

Take the Class Again. Free.

Feel free to repeat any of these courses as many times as you want. Free. Forever. Solidify your learning by experiencing the content again at a new level. When you enroll in this class you are a lifetime member.

Learn from Anywhere. Really.

Course content is managed in an online learning system called the Blogging Gym. Instead of crowding your inbox and hard drive with notes, attachments and big PDF files, you get notifications and alerts that new content has been added. So if you are on the road you can login from any internet connection on any computer in the world and access the course materials.

So Let's Add it Up:

Let's look at how much this would cost if you bought each one of these courses separately:

Course/Product Full Price
Business Blog Basics $127.00
Easy Bake Weblogs $378.00
Keywords Essentials $378.00
Six Figure Blogging $325.00
Podcasting Bootcamp $378.00
RSS Essentials $117.00
WordPress Ebook $97.00
Blogwild! Book $19.95
Grand Total at Full Price: $1819.95 (ouch!)

But if you grab the season pass now you get the whole package - the whole enchilada - the Full Monty - the whole shebang - the kit and kaboodle for 50% off.

Get Half Off Now

Twelve weeks - 3 months! - of expert instruction in blogging, RSS, podcasting, search engine optimization, AdSense, Google... PLUS hours of archived recordings, pages of transcripts, libraries of Flash demos. For only


And now the guarantee:

100% Risk-Free Stress-Free 'No-Surprises' Guarantee

This package has a no-questions, no-excuses, no-surprises, no-bull 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you decide for any reason - or no reason at all - that it is not right for you, just email me within 60 days, and I'll buy it back from you. That's 60 days - 2 full months - to take the courses for a test drive. There is absolutely no risk to you. If you don't immediately find the content useful, compelling and effective then I'm the slacker, not you. Grab this offer now - worry free.

Let's get going:

Option #1 Option #2

Yes! I'm ready! I want to pay in one secure online payment of $909.97.

Yes! I'm ready! I want to pay in 3 secure online monthly payments of $303.32.

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Happy New Year!

Andy Wibbels
Chicago, Illinois USA

One more rave:

"First, a confession. I don't do courses. Well, not like other folk. I can't sit still for more than 20 minutes. That's why Andy's approach to learning is so great. He even allows for guys like me who want to do it at our pace. Andy's lets me play my way. His instructions are clear, provocative, and helpful. And, when I do ask for help Andy's there with an answer Pronto! Does this guy sleep?"

- Creativity consultant Lyle T. Lachmuth of
Creative Careers Unleashed

PS: You're still reading? Nutshell: Start your blog today. Customize it all you want. Start getting traffic. Make money blogging. Start podcasting. Spam-proof your newsletter wtih RSS. Take the courses again anytime anywhere. Full guarantee. Grab it now.

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