RSS Advertising Superior To Email

Brandon Hong just posted the following on marketing via blog and RSS. I must admit, given the lousy open and read rate of conventional newsletters nowadays, it looks like RSS is the wave of the future. I give up O BlogFather Andy, and am soon to post FeedBurner feeds on my blog! Here’s what Brandon says:
…I recently read the case study conducted by Pheedo, an advertising company on the use of RSS Feeds advertising versus email advertising.
Pheedo ran the campaign for 6 weeks and from their results, RSS feeds outperformed the best click through rate in email by over 26% as compared to the industry average of 8.7%.
RSS advertising has a number of ‘superior’ advantages compared to email ads:
1. RSS feeds does not face a delivery issue in an anti-SPAM environment that is being filled with filters, anti-virus software or whatever program that is put in place by the user to block SPAM and unwanted emails.
2. RSS feeds cost ZERO to track. With a burned feed, you can easily track how many people are subscribing to your feed.
With email, if you want to track how many of your mails were delivered, you would have to pay for the additional services.
The cost savings due to RSS advertising is easily double, if not more….
Read the full text of this entry at Brandon Hong’s Marketing with Blogs & RSS

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