Oct. 17: Shut Up and Write! (Free)

And so it is time for another Writing Integrity Day!
Here’s how it works:

  1. We all get on the phone at 10am Eastern/New York time.
  2. Everyone takes 10 seconds (no more!) to say what they are going to work on for the next hour.
  3. Hang up.
  4. Write like hell.
  5. Get back on the phone the next hour and do it again.
  6. Rinse and repeat until 5pm.

Dial-in number is 781 222 0034 extension 834.
712-432-3900 Conference Access Code: 5356469#
Start something, finish something, program blog posts, write a novel, outline a book, write a course– just SHUT UP AND WRITE. Lunch hour as needed or go ahead and have a carry-out/delivery menu from your favorite restaurant at the ready.
I hope you’ll join us.

29 thoughts on “Oct. 17: Shut Up and Write! (Free)

  1. eSoup

    Slackers–Unite! Oct. 17: Shut Up and Write! (free)…

    For one day, all writers from around the globe are invited to join forces and participate in Andy Wibbels’ legendary Writing Integrity Day (aka Shut Up and Write!). Writing Integrity Day is part positive peer pressure, part writing game, and…

  2. stormy

    Oh yes!! I would love to do this!!! This is exactly what I need to finish the 3 books I am writing. Love to start, hard time finishing. Please have another one.

  3. Andrea J. Lee

    Hey Andy, where is the rest of the ‘Shut Up And…’ series?
    Shut Up and Read Those Damn Books Already
    Shut Up and Clean Your House
    Shut Up and Back Up
    Shut Up and Finish Something, Anything
    Shut Up and Go to the Gym
    Shut Up and (insert fashionably malingering to-do)
    ShutUpandX.com, baby, gotta love it as an extension of your brand. 🙂
    Shut Up and Pour that “Chicken Soup” down the drain. LOL.

  4. Jeff

    It’s just me…the guy that by listening to a poor ole little girl at the office, and i quote, “I can’t afford to pay for my schooling if the company won’t front 100% to me if I get a “C” or less!” And my suggestion was,
    “Then don’t go to school…”
    but it’s good to see you haven’t changed either;your still bloggin crazy man!Hope all is well Andy…I’m still workin in benefits…cuz after all, that’s really all it’s about, right? Ever see anyone from the red building anymore?

  5. Tara Kachaturoff

    Thanks for hosting another writing integrity day. I really enjoy the community and the focus that it gives me. I have a project ready to go which I plan to work on. See everyone in a few weeks.

  6. Marianna Hayes

    PLEASE! Give me advance notice of the next session – already have meetings scheduled that day, but I’m in for the next time. This is a great idea – pear pressure to accomplish success for yourself. No brainer.
    BTW, loved the book and recommending to my small biz clients. So basic and understandable even for the clueless.

  7. Ellen Shapiro

    Great idea Andy! I must have just been added to the list because this is the first I’m hearing about it. Would like to join you for part of it, and keep me posted in advance of the next one so I can clear out a day.
    Write on!

  8. Arnold Joseph White

    I have never blogged before. This will be my first time, on an official blog. Please be kind. Also, I am very grateful that I have a spell checker at the top of the page that can check everything. I am a whorendus speller.

  9. Tracy "PowerGal" Monteforte

    Hey Andy!
    I am so glad you are doing this! I just declared early today that tomorrow is my “no interruptions write all day” day. With your Shut Up and Write Day I have all of the support I need!
    I’m writing copy for an entire web site…now this is going to be fun! It will be awesome knowing I have kindred spirits out there sharing the painful pleasure of creative copywriting!
    Meet you on tha call tomorrow at 7:00 am Pacific (yikes!).
    Thanks Again!
    Tracy PowerGal Monteforte

  10. Tracy Power Gal Monteforte

    Thanks for the great day, Andy…I wrote for 7 solid hours and look at me…I’m still writing. Honestly, I wanted to bail a couple of times but knowing I had the suport of a team out there, I kept going!
    You’ve inspired me to have a “Step Up and Dial Day” where our members will make prospecting phone calls all day. I can’t call it Shut Up and Dial Day or they wouldn’t come across to well on the phone! 😉
    Anyway, please do this again…it was great!

  11. Judy Smith

    I think this is a terrific idea. Please give me advance notice for the next one, so I can clear my calendar too.
    I can’t wait to begin writing my first piece of material and be on my way to generating ‘passive’ income!
    Thanks a bunch.

  12. stephen

    Maybe next time.
    Though the phone-call is out of the question.
    The thought is more important that we shut-up, shut-out and get some coding/writing completed.
    A similar option is to write down your TOP FIVE GOALS for the five hours – and do them. No if’s, no but’s, just do it. The only person you can lie to is yourself…
    Which I am guessing is your point.


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