Instant Download: What You Need to Know About Blogs

Grab an excerpt of my book, a 20 page intro to the ins and outs of blogging and how it can fire up your business online. You'll also get my weekly blogging and marketing tips newsletter, Instant Global Impact.

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  1. Absolutely loved the book. It's helped to kick the inertia and blockage I had about blogging! Thanks for making it so simple.

  2. I am very 'untech' and owned the book for months without finishing it. I decided that the way for me to get through and have a functioning blog was to read 5 or so pages, highlighting what I wanted to do, and the 'how to's', and sit with the book open at the computer and JUST DO IT.

    I wanted to be sure to have links back to my web-site and a Staples person wrote out the href code for me. I sat down, plugged it in, submitted, opened it, clicked and WAAAAALAAAAAA, it worked. I jumped up and down, screamed and after getting some substance done I e-mailed my daughter that is an IT person, and my grand-daughter who is a teacher and working on her masters. Other people too.

    Man I just jumped when I got e-mails back from both of them saying how kewl it was that I, of all people, had done this by myself. So at 63 I can still learn some new tricks.

    This success emboldened me to implement Google Checkout for my business. I am working on the buttons for every item (over 200 of my own creation). When I set up the first ones, I sent them to my web designer. She tried to do them herself (and she is a full blown html coder) and when she couldn't, I worked her through it on the phone. YIPEE TY AYE for me.

    Now I am working on links as an Amazon associate for the books, songs and videos that I have in my blog.

    Like everything about the book and you Andy.......except you are a cat-person apparently. Cocker Spaniels rule.

    F.O.G. Fast-ornery-Grandpa Marty

  3. Go Grandpa Marty - isn't it great how a little bit of success will give you courage? Sounds like it gave you a lot!

    I love cats AND I love German Shephards. I have a beautiful 10-year-old white one - Jasmine. I think she'd look great in my reading glasses, but every time I try to put them on her, she jams her nose under my arm. I laugh hysterically. I think that just encourages her.

    I'm proud of you and your good works. Cheryl