Blogging/Podcasting…A New Calling

Blogging has reached a much higher purpose as quoted in today’s Great Lakes IT Report. Our world is truly changed forever…

Popecast, Popeblog: The most popular Podcast on the Net today may be by a priest in Rome. Podcast Alley, a directory site, said its No. 1 program is Catholic Insider, “Podcasting from the heart of the Catholic Church,” according to the Web site. According to MarketWatch, the program is produced by Father Roderick Vonhögen, a priest of the Archdiocese of Utrecht, the Netherlands. His report Saturday focused on the death of Pope John Paul II. “You will hear how the bells of Rome announce the death of the pope, and I will take you to Saint Peter’s Square, where we will experience the emotions of the crowd gathered there in prayer and grief,” he said in a statement. The Pope Weblog has become a popular site for coverage of the Pope’s death and funeral. has links to news coverage and its producers promise to “offer insightful commentary and analysis about past events that may shed light on possible opinions from within the College of Cardinals.” The blog is a nonprofit effort operated by an online marketing executive, Jimmy Atkinson, and Andy Hagans, a search-engine optimization consultant.






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