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Andy 'n Maryam at MSOCI
Maryam here. I got a chance to meet EasyBake BlogFather Andy in person at the recent Multiple Streams of Coaching Income conference in San Mateo, CA this past weekend. I quote from my own entry at Sage Wisdom: “What a truly wild ride! Moblogging from the hotel lobby…ain’t technology a kick? This (picture) is about as blurry as I feel after only a few hours sleep last night. And Andy is a darling, handsome gent though he looks a bit in a manic panic here…no wait, that’s just me.” Manic heck, he looks downright crazed but everyone was at that point, it was a very high energy event. Don’t believe Andy’s curmudgeon-hype though, it’s a thin veil over the True Prince within.
Whenever I meet bloggers, I find that I know them better than I tend to know people from their websites. Websites can be so prim, so proper, so exceedingly well manicured. Blogs are such intimate places where people feel freer to pour out their hearts, their woes, their personal view. Maybe its that Great Void that we think our posts might go into. Maybe its the intimacy of personal revelation to your five million closest readerfriends. Bloggers put more of their hearts, souls and what gives them the juice into their periodic updates.
I knew Andy had a kitten named Astro Boy, likes Bucca di Beppo, was a product developer but isn’t now, and is an absolute die-hard evangelist about this blogging thing. So all the small talk was out of the way and I could ask how Astro’s doing, what’s up with EasyBake on down the line, career stuff and where did he want to go for lunch. (we did the California Grill – don’t get the buffet) He asked me how the house sale was going, whether I’d brought my CDs (we both did, and were both out of them an hour after they were put down) and begged me to get him away from the horrors of hotel food for dinner (Max’s Opera Cafe in Burlingame – yes, it’s *all* good). We both asked after each other’s partners and discussed a gamut of topics during the three days of the conference. Although there’s a lot to get to know yet, because of the familiarity of reading each others blogs, we weren’t simply faceless names and unknown quantities. What a true blessing and a pleasure to meet the author of one of my favorites ongoing stories! And to be met myself. 😉
‘Minkhole’ is a term coined by the personal coaching community. Minkholes are like ratholes only they’re lined with lovely soft fur and contain all the comforts of the place we’re in when we get complacent. Sometimes it’s tempting to spend one’s entire life behind the screen, but there are so many other pleasurable lessons, diversions and experience out there. Come out of your minkholes once in awhile, bloggers, and connect with others in the blogosphere!

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  1. Maryam Webster

    REDRUM indeed…Run in fear! Thanks for the ref for minkholes btw, I didn’t know it was our wonderful Multiple Streams technogeek John Satta though – he rocked! Yes, y’all visit the minkhole website. Save a little, learn a lot! This is your roving reporter, this week in Dallas, with the hubby who’s out on the road with work. Sayonara ’til next time, bloggers – keep on writing!


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