Alert: How New Michigan & Utah Email Laws Affect You (Perhaps More Than You Think)

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Well, this is a fine kettle of fish for we internet businesspeople, much of whose business is to provide value to our opt-in newsletter subscribers. Laws enacted in states outside my own may have the ability to shut down any small business person who sends out email newsletters. Check out the Marketing Sherpa’s observations below – newsletter authors, beware!
Blech! Two new state laws come into effect tomorrow, Friday, July 1st, both:
-> Directly impact permission mailers
-> Carry nasty penalties
-> Launch new state Do Not Email registries
-> Are *not* circumvented by CAN-SPAM compliance
Types of marketers affected include: financial services, matchmaking services, alcohol & tobacco, grown-up content, etc.
Plus, individuals can bring lawsuits if they think you’re breaking the new laws … so you’re not protected by possibly sluggish state enforcement.
Here’s our practical FAQ for permission emailers including links to the text of both laws…
Read the whole thing at Be aware though, this page will only be up for a week or so!

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