A Distinct Honor And Automatic Client Magnet

Howdy, EasyBakers! Maryam Webster here with the non-techie viewpoint on blogging. I am honored to be invited to author on EasyBake – thanks Andy! It is however kind of like your pusher turning you on to bigger and better drugs though. Er… did I mention that Andy is the one that turned me on to blogging? I had a tiny little blog over at Blogger, but was so exceedingly peeved with the desire to upgrade -vs- lack of service (who knew that Blogger had pretty much given up customer service in the year before they were bought by Google?) that it had become a cobweb.
When I saw Andy’s EasyBake Weblogs course, I thought “I know all about that” but intrigued by the name and Andy’s quirky personality, signed up as I am a writing addict. And am I ever glad that I did. TypePad proved not only easy to use and set-up, but also to customize with even rudimentary HTML skills. And adaptable! Now that I’ve had a blog there for quite some time and email is getting so difficult to deliver reliably given individual and ISP-based spam filters, I’m in process of working out placing my newsletter, The Catalyst there as well.
I’ve never been very good at subdividing myself, so decided to make my EasyBake student blog, Sage Wisdom, not only filled with items pertaining to my business, but infused with other topics I’m interested in with a liberal dollop of my own crunchy earth mama ‘tude. Dave Buck, branding expert and CEO over at CoachVille who is known for spontaneously bursting into song during his speeches, urges all those who would brand their businesses to similarly “flaunt your quirks”. All my friends agree that I’m the quirkiest person they know, so I thought: “what the heck?”.
Who else would blog on truffle oil mania? I thought I’d lose a portion of my readership for sure, but it was something I was interested enough in to research truffle history and the pig/dogs (you read me right) that find them for several hours on the ‘Net. Yet, from that funky post I gained a client who is chef de cuisine at a chi-chi restaurant in Seattle. She had been doing similar research and bingo-bango, whaddaya know, when “white truffle oil” was plugged into Google, she found me (yep, there I am, two down from the top of page 4 of the results)
Who’d a thunk in a MILLION YEARS that blogging on personal quirks and delights like this would fatten up my client list?! (thanks again, Andy) But for every truffle, there is a pig, or a dog…or a coach to coach the chef that uses the truffles, who finds both truffles and coach through Google. This is the mighty power of a Blog as paired with the search engines that index them. Your blog vibrates with its own uniquely attractive energy, like a massive magnet that draws the perfect clients to you, 24/7. Is that cool or what?
If you own a business of any kind you owe it to yourself to blog on both your products and also what excites, inspires and feeds your soul. Blog your quirks, blog your life (as long as you know where the line between “newsworthy” and “too much information” lies…), blog your little heart out. Then sit back and enjoy the connections, friends and increase in sales that result!

2 thoughts on “A Distinct Honor And Automatic Client Magnet

  1. Des Walsh

    Hi Maryam
    Welcome to Andy’s guest blogger group. What a buzz! Lovely story of attracting a client by pursuing – and flaunting – your particular interests.


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